Benefits of MediPhorum

What are member companies gaining from participation in the collaboration network?
Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your industry peers and experts.

Members from the world’s leading biopharmaceutical and medical device organizations and their suppliers work together to address challenges, improve efficiencies, and realize tangible benefits including cost reductions. Replacing isolation with collaboration.

Members report that, as a result of MediPhorum collaboration, they have realized the potential for multi-million $ savings or several months improved speed impacts from MediPhorum outputs. Through our focus on real-world deliverables, we aim to ensure that our members can capture at least five to 10 times the value of their investments in time and MediPhorum membership.

Our ambitions for our members and the wider industry are focussed on key opportunities in the areas in which we believe that collaborating together can accelerate industry transformation:

Productivity and cost improvement

Speed to market

Regulatory risk and simplification


Workforce enablement

In each of these areas our members are striving for material improvements – to help their company performance and ultimated for the benefits of the wider industry

Benefits of MediPhorum membership come at many levels 

In addition to these tangible benefits there are other areas of value that our members experience. 

Thought leadership 

MediPhorum members take a proactive responsibility for the development of the industry. Contributing experts from member organizations are globally recognized for their contributions to MediPhorum publications and tools. Published articles generated by our workstreams are cited in leading journals and our best practice guidance influences the development of regulatory frameworks. 

People development  

Participants in Phorums and their workstreams connect and work together with peers dealing with similar challenges and opportunities. They benefit from a unique opportunity to work together in a safe shared space which results in productive networking, shared learning and enhanced skills. 

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