MediPhorum leadership

Scott Ewan

Program Manager


Scott joined BioPhorum in June 2014 as a facilitator leading a number of workstreams in the BioPhorum Fill Finish, moving across to MediPhorum in early 2023.
Prior to BioPhorum Scott accumulated around 25 years’ experience in the pharma industry, spanning drug discovery through to commercial communications, though spent most of that time in operational roles, improving and transferring processes for small molecule/solid dosage products.
With this broad background, Scott clearly loves getting involved in all things healthcare, thriving on taking teams out of comfort zones to develop and achieve industry-changing visions. There is no topic Scott won’t dive into to deepen understanding, naturally encouraging free and open discussion and debate.
Scott also, however, wants to see those discussions convert into actionable outputs that improve our industry and will (gently) push to see positive change realized.