MediPhorum Futures #1: Combination Products roundup with Susan Neadle

21 May 2024
MediPhorum Drug Delivery


Susan Neadle
Combination Products Consulting

Join MediPhorum program manager, Victoria Ludlow, for a fireside chat with Susan Neadle, a recognized international Combination Products and Medical Device expert with >30 years industry experience.

Networked, published, highly active in numerous industry groups with links to teaching institutions, Susan brings deep knowledge and genuine passion for sharing that knowledge with others, and has been involved across several MediPhorum collaborations including device specification setting for EPRs, Risk Management and Global Regulatory programs.

Join us as she gives an industry update across developments across these three key topics.

What’s your approach to meeting EU MDR Article 117?
PFAS – why ECHA proposals could have far-reaching consequences
Introducing the new MediPhorum
Driving industry consensus on the EU’s Medical Devices regulation
Combination products – MediPhorum’s ‘state of the nation’ report