Who we are

MediPhorum provides a thriving, agile and global networking environment connecting you with international medical technology industry leaders and subject matter experts to enhance effective collaboration and develop progressive solutions to shared industry challenges for the benefit of all.​

Meet the team who create an environment enabling over the world’s top leaders and subject matter experts to benchmark and collaborate on industry changing initiatives.

Alaster Stockwell-Jones

MediPhorum Director

Alaster joined MediPhorum in June 2023 as Director. With a passion for improving patient outcomes through the development, launch and scaling of cutting-edge medical technologies,...

Soroosh Bagheriasl

Senior Account Manager

Soroosh joined BioPhorum in 2022 as Senior Account Manager within MediPhorum. With a PhD in Biomaterials Science, Soroosh has over nine years’ experience in the...

Scott Ewan

Program Manager

Scott joined BioPhorum in June 2014 as a facilitator leading a number of workstreams in the BioPhorum Fill Finish, moving across to MediPhorum in early...

Victoria Ludlow

Program Manager

Victoria joined BioPhorum in October 2021 as Facilitator across MediPhorum’s activities. Victoria has over 10 years’ experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical business design and development,...