Digital transformation is accelerating rapidly with MedTech. Digital connectivity enables the seamless integration of medical devices with electronic health records (EHRs) and other digital platforms, facilitating efficient data collection, analysis and reporting. Advanced digital technologies in medical devices allow for personalized treatment plans and tailored interventions based on real-time patient data, leading to more precise and effective healthcare solutions. MediPhorum’s Digital Pathfinder has been launched to enable MedTech member organizations to design progressive solutions to shared digital challenges.

Rapidly evolving regulatory landscape

Digital components add technical complexity to medical devices and devices with a digital component require detailed clinical studies regarding data, cyber security and human factors. As a result, the regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly creating a mismatch between medicine and device constituents that varies depending upon geography.

Initially focusing on usability, regulatory and cybersecurity, members of our Digital Pathfinder aim to: Build a cross-industry survey to build a body of knowledge surrounding their experiences. Benefits: Faster delivery of digitally connected devices to patients. Reduce delay caused by regulatory feedback. Enhance patient usability and compliance. Knowledge sharing and aligned best practice.

Digital deliverables


More related workstreams

Our workstreams focus on the areas with the greatest impact across the industry. Led by science, our members are problem-solving today’s sustainability issues. By working with the regulatory governance community, they are also creating future-ready outcomes for the industry.

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