Sustainability in medical device development is becoming increasingly important with some national healthcare systems now requesting quantitative sustainability data that supports new product market access submissions in OJEU tenders. MedTech organizations will need to incorporate key aspects of sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle, from design and manufacturing to use and disposal. This will include topics such as material selection, energy efficiency, waste reduction, regulatory compliance and life cycle assessments.

Reducing emissions and carbon footprint throughout the entire product lifecycle

The current model for the design, production, distribution and end-of-life processing of medical devices results in missed opportunities to embed circularity, reduce waste and impact on the environment. For the MedTech sector to deliver a reduced carbon footprint, new ways of managing the whole life cycle of a medical device are needed.

Reach your sustainability goals

Through MediPhorum’s collaboration platform, member organisations and Sustainability SMEs have evaluated the currently available recycling options to drive regional solutions. Members have established common processes and platforms for device disassembly and provided industry-agreed guidance for how to design for recyclability.

Sustainability deliverables


More related workstreams

Our workstreams focus on the areas with the greatest impact across the industry. Led by science, our members are problem-solving today’s sustainability issues. By working with the regulatory governance community, they are also creating future-ready outcomes for the industry.

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